tips for shy couple’s photoshoot

Some Helpful Tips for Shy Couples During Your Photoshoot

One issue I have run into multiple times throughout my career is couples who are too shy to get the best shots. I thought this would make a great topic for a blog and so have listed out some of my favorite tips & tricks to help you get the best images.

Tip #1: Familiarity with your Photographer

  • I recommend you meet with your photographer in person at least once before your session whether it’s your wedding or just a family session. This will help you to get to know each other better and feel more at ease being Infront the camera. An example would be doing an engagement session prior to the wedding. This would be a great way to feel better about your big day.

Tip #2: Preparation

  • Planning ahead and organizing your session would help you feel more in control. For example, having a photo list, wish list, brining props you want to include, be familiar with location, organizing the outfits and colors. Bring whatever makes

Tip #3: Trust your photographer

  • Your photographer has done this many times before and they know what looks good and what doesn’t. Have faith that you will get the photos you have dreamed of and that you are in good hands. If you need an extra boost, you can always ask your photographer how are the photos coming along during the session.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to speak up

  • If you feel like you want a certain style or pose, please tell your photographer! It’s important that you are comfortable and happy. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer if you don’t like the pose or not comfortable.

Tip #5: It’s your session, be authentic!

  • While it’s always great to try and emulate your favorite photos and poses from social media never forget that your photos will be unique to you. Be yourself, let your own personality show through. Play to you and your families strengths!

Tip # 6: Direction from photographer will help set the photo and get a natural smile.

  • Try to balance your wants with the photographers expertise! They have done this before and know what shots and poses translate well no matter who the subject is.

Tip #7: Keep the conversation going

  • While it is ultimately up to your photographer to direct both you and the session it is always great to interact and play an active role. Keeping the conversation open and flowing helps keep everyone relaxed and pictures looking more natural.

Tip# 8: Focus on your partner

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention as the pictures are being taken. I always fall back on the advice that you should focus on your partner / family. You’re taking these photos to celebrate your relationships, let that show through by focusing on them!

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