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Huda photo is an award-winning wedding photographer. Huda grew up in a small town in Iraq and moved to the united states in 2010, where she started her photography journey.

Huda loves to document weddings and events; her focus is to capture friends and family enjoying the celebration of love. Huda has photographed locally and traveled around the US for destination weddings. She loves creating images that make’s the viewer feel as if they are stepping into a dream. She hopes to help create breathtaking images that will last forever.

Her style is best described as artistic-documentary. She is documenting your day as it folds, capturing real emotions, but also put a lot of energy into artistic perspective of each shoot. She often experiment with different lighting techniques, backgrounds, styles, to get the most of your creative portraits. Whether photographing a small intimate wedding or 500 people ceremony, Her goal is to capture every memorable moment, the atmosphere and your emotions. She is all trained to work in any type of scenario while under the pressure. You can feel confident in her absolute ability to handle unique challenges of any location or venue. Huda Photo is proud to be among some of the best Michigan wedding photographers!

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