The Pros & Cons of Having a Second Shooter/ Huda photo

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I am frequently asked when I meet with clients if a second shooter is needed or not. I usually answer that it is based on your specific events needs. I thought a Pros & Cons list would help some of you out there decide if a second shooter is right for you!

Cons list

Edit time is longer:

For example editing a full day wedding package including photos from a second shooter, I typically have double the photos (around 3000) at the end of the night between the two of us. So if you edit your own photos be prepared and schedule appropriately!

More duplicate photos:

At any given wedding there are only so many opportunities for photos and with two shooters you may end up with 5 photos from different angles for the same shot. This adds to the tedium of sorting through all of the photos at the end of an event.

Inconsistent photos (this could be either a Con or a Pro point and this will depend on your preference):

When having 2 different photographers their style, lighting, camera settings, timing, and preferences are very different and that can show in the photos. This could show very clearly when looking over all the photos as to which photos shot by who.

More camera’s and vendors walking around during the wedding:

It might be a little overwhelming if you have 2 photographers taking photos at the same time and focusing on you. You might feel nervous and that could show in the pictures. This can especially be noticeable if you also have a videographer and they have an assistant too. Then you will have a crew of 5 or 6 people following you around.

Pros list

More photos

Of course, when you have 2 cameras you will have more photos. This is an excellent point when you are trying to get as much coverage to your event as possible.

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Different angles and different places

Having a second shooter will give you a verity of shots. It is a great thing to have if you are like me and you take 1000 selfies and only like 1 one of them.

More candid photos

While its important to make sure that we follow the wedding photo list, sometimes that can take a way from the time we have during the day for candid photos. Especially if we are on a tight schedule. Its very nice to have the main photographer focus on the essentials while the second shooter focus on candid photos. An example of that would be when I photograph the family photos or formal photos, my second shooter is at the cocktail hour photographing the guests and other details.  The cocktail hour gets the coverage it deserves. There are so many important moments between the newlyweds that I need to capture, but I also want to get plenty of guest shots. When I have backup, the second shooter can capture candid photos and reactions that I might miss when I’m photographing the cake cutting or the first dance

Less chances of anything being missed.

When you have 2 photographers you have more coverage and if something happened that was very interesting in the next room while the main shooter is taking photos of the bride and the groom, the second shooter is there to get that shot. There is also less chance of anything going wrong with the technical stuff like cameras and flashes. More photographers mean double camera’s, batteries, equipment etc..

More creative photos that you may not get with one photographer

With larger wedding parties, it can be a little time-consuming capturing all combinations of portraits. Whenever the main photographer is alone, they try to focus on getting the must have photos and sometimes that leaves no time for the fun and creative photos.

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